El Sistema Greece Music Seminar: Introducing Young Children to the Magical World of Music

El Sistema Greece organizes a two-days seminar for music educators, drama educators, teachers and everyone who works with young children and would like to learn how to introduce them to the magic world of music!

El Sistema Greece: a musical education programme. Structure, function and techniques

José Ángel Salazar Marín, the Artistic Director of El Sistema Greece, will analyse the way in which El Sistema acts as a tool for social development through music. He will provide keywords representing the values and goals of the programme and he will present partticipants with some useful tools and techniques pertaining to the El Sistema methodology.

Developing the educational purposes of music through cross-curricular scenarios

During the first, experiential, section of the seminar, participants will take part in activities based on a cross-curricular approach to knowledge. Then, these activities will be analysed in order to set out the music education aims and methodology which, in turn, teachers and educators will be able to use to create their own programmes, thus, helping students to develop not only their music skills but also their language, communication skills etc.

Instructor: Panayiotis Tsirides, music educator, Pedagogical Coordinator of El Sistema Greece

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Music education as a flexible tool: Improving team building and positive attitude towards life

Francis Gagliardi, music educator and pedagogical advisor from El Sistema Venezuela, will explain how the programme is able to contribute in the planning of an entertaining and effective music class. She will also demonstrate how a safe space in combination with a positive, trustful and creative environment and a teamwork spirit could ensure students’ social development.

Rhythm and composing music

Music education today emphasizes on the importance of rhythm, especially due to music approaches such as Orff and Kodály. During the seminar some fundamental methodologies about rhythmic education for children will be presented. Participants will acquire techniques that can help their students learn how to read and compose music through play.

Instructor: Panayiotis Tsirides, music educator, Pedagogical Coordinator of El Sistema Greece

7th & 8th of September 2019 | 11.00-18.00

Cost: 15 euro

Registrations: Monday 26th of August - Tuesday 3rd of September

Send your e-mail to sevi@elsistema.gr